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Lil’ Readers

Lil’ Readers

Lil’ Readers delivers high quality children’s books for kids of all ages with vibrant images designed for high quality displays found on modern iPhones and iPads. All books featured in Lil’ Readers is reviewed and approved by teachers as well as tested with hundreds of children before being added to our store.

All of our ebooks can be read to you or you can read it yourself to you children. When having a story read to you, our eBook app highlights text as it is spoken to help kids develop early reading skills.

Once downloaded, our books can be accessed anywhere regardless of an Internet connection which means your stories are available on car rides, in an airplane, or on a camping trip.

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Social Par

Social Par

SocialPar ( http://socialpar.com ) is a mobile application running on iPhone and iPad that helps golfers find other golfers to play with when and where they want to play. This app is, by far, the simplest to use of its kind. The signup process takes less than 30 seconds and requires no typing at all.

SocialPar sports a database of almost 18,000 golf courses in the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. Users of the app simply select the times that they can play and the courses that work for them. Our proprietary algorithms then match players up with each other to play.

Under the hood SocialPar houses a powerful social networking backend that is aimed at golfers staying connected with one another and thus enabling them to Play More Golf!

With the iPhone and iPad versions ready, we are just now getting started on an android version which should be available in later summer 2013!

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ApWords ( http://apwords.com ) is a cutting edge app web application and mobile application development framework built by the team here at AppMagma. ApWords provides an app building experience simplified far beyond what any competitor in the industry has today.

Users can quickly create an account, enter basic information about their business, and in just a couple minutes have an Android app ready to download and use — for FREE! For a monthly fee users can have iPad and iPhone apps built and published to Apple’s App Store. Paying customers also have access to a variety of cool features to include:

Send push notifications to users (“Buy 1 drink get one free tonight at the bar!”)
Add additional custom screens to their custom app
Full “White Label” app


Apwords was built and is maintained using:

Objective C / Cocoa
Java / Android SDK
Windows Services
Apple Push Notification System (APNS)
Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM)