Project Description

PlugMob ( ) is a transformative tool to promote your ideas using the reach of your supporters by controlling when and how their ‘Plugs’ of your idea happen.

We came up with the idea for PlugMob when we finished our first IOS app several years ago and have been slowly improving it ever since.  When it came time to launch our team was franticly trying to organize the help of our friends, family, and supporters who all wanted to help promote our new creation but allowing them to do-so in a productive way was far from a trivial task.

When you are promoting anything new (think apps, crowdfunding, or just raising awareness) it is very important to concentrate as much exposure as possible at the time that makes sense.  For apps, you really want to get a huge spike of downloads on the first day.  If we are talking about a crowdfunded project, there are a couple points in the month(s) of your campaign that make sense to boost your exposure.  These are just a couple examples that can be applied to all sorts of projects and is exactly what PlugMob lets you do effortlessly.

To get started you create a campaign with PlugMob which has the content your would like your ‘Mob’ to promote.  PlugMob will create a short recruit link which you send to your supporters.  This link allows your Mob to connect their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well as to customize the message.  When you are ready you schedule your message to be sent out and at that time PlugMob will post the content on behalf of everyone in your Mob.

If you want to get your ideas out there and trending, you should give PlugMob a shot.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a note!