Project Description

Lottopuddle ( ) is a Facebook integrated website and mobile app that makes managing lottery pools simple and fun! Lottopuddle was born after its founders realized they never played the lottery unless a pool of friends in the office bought tickets together.

The problem with a typical lottery pool is that its not really that much fun for anyone! The majority of people playing never actually see the tickets, let alone have that excitement of checking the winning numbers. It doesn’t matter how mathematically astute you are or how much you understand the odds, checking those numbers is a fun feeling! Lottopuddle makes it very easy to distribute tickets to all of the people in your lottery pool so they can play along.

Lottopuddle also helps out the person running the pool by keeping track of who owes money for the next big drawing.

Lottopuddle was built and is maintained using:

  • ASP.NET C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • JQuery
  • Objective C / Cocoa
  • RESTKit
  • Facebook JS SDK
  • Facebook IOS SDK
  • Windows Services
  • Apple Push Notification System (APNS)