AppMagma’s Four Areas of Expertise

Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Concept Mockups, and Security. That’s the four and our product in each arena will blow away your expectations. Most development shops will attempt to immediately outsource work to save an extra buck. We like saving ‘bucks’, but more so we love amazing products.  We pride ourselves in our transparent approach with our customers which you will notice within ten minutes of first talking to us.  We don’t have ‘sales guys’ that will push you to make decisions, and we will tell you if what you’re after is not something that we can handle.

iPhone & Android

We do mobile like crazy!  Our experience with iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web will result in shorter timelines than you will experience with other developers and the resulting product won’t even be comparable!

Web Development

We will build and maintain anything you need! Our portfolio includes sites for small businesses all the way to sophisticated applications that can change the world. We can also help you maintain or update an older site in need of some TLC!

Concept Mockups

If you have an idea that you want mocked up to impress potential investors or even to show to developers (they don’t have to be us!) we can help and we won’t monkey around with you when it comes to price! We keep it very simple so everyone is happy!


We have over a decade of experience working with commercial and government organizations helping secure some of the most sensitive systems in the world. We know penetration testing and compliance (PCI, NIST, HIPAA, and more!).


Our Technologies

We really have been doing this for a while! The list below is a short excerpt of the technologies that we have recently worked with. Keep in mind that we are working with new tech everyday so don’t be afraid to contact us if we don’t mention what you’re looking for. We’ll let you know if its outside of our wheelhouse.

  • Native IOS Apps ( Objective-C )
  • Native Android Apps ( Java )
  • ( Backend As A Service )
  • PhoneGap ( Cross platform )
  • RestKit
  • Many more…
  • Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET / MVC.NET / C# / .NET 2x-4.5 )
  • NodeJS ( ExpressJS, PassportJS, MongooseJS )
  • AngularJS / JQuery
  • Databases ( MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Oracle )
  • APIs ( REST / SOAP )
  • WordPress
  • Many more…